Qualia Night Reviews

Benjamin M. - 2024-07-15
I have trouble staying asleep as well as entering R.E.M. cycles. After a couple of nights I've seen an uptick in my HRV as well as R.E.M. cycles. Will continue to monitor to see where I'm at after every week. Also, I appreciate the two day off cycling, this makes a lot of sense.
janelle k. - 2024-07-14
This is definitely giving me a big increase in deep sleep! loving it!
Eli C. - 2024-06-28
I don't know the science but it WORKS. I get a deeper more full sleep in less hours.
Guest - 2024-06-21
Does what it says it does.
Amy B. - 2024-05-19
I consistently get at least two hours of deep sleep when I use this product, so even if I get less than eight hours total, I still feel rested.
Don M. - 2024-05-10
Whiloe I just received this product recently it seems great so far and I have friends who have been using it and love it.
Sarah S. - 2024-04-23
I'd been struggling for two weeks with waking up in the middle of the night. The very first night taking this supplement, I slept the entire night through.
Dan S. - 2024-04-21
I've noticed since I've started taking Qualia Night that I've increased both my Deep Sleep as well as my REM Sleep. This was something that was beginning to worry my as I aged, since my numbers were decreasing. After reading the book Why We Sleep, I became more aware of the importance of these two types of Sleep on the renewal process for your body. Hence, I've been looking for a product that improves those two types of Sleep.
Brian M. - 2024-03-22
The list of ingredients is impressive enough, but what matters most is that this stuff knocks me out. In a good way.
Meg D. - 2024-03-21
I always have trouble getting to sleep and this helped my brain calm down and allowed me to get deeper sleep.
Colby K. - 2024-03-19
I’ve tried so many different products to help with my years of sleep issues including strong sleep apnea. This has really helped me to reset my circadian rhythm on a great schedule and hit rem sleep much more often than I have in the past. My sleep apnea has improved. I used to walk up multiple times throughout the night and now am able to sleep a full 5-8 hrs. Highly recommended. I wake up feeling rested and more alert and focused throughout the day.
Jennifer S. - 2024-03-10
This product has help me not only fall asleep but stay asleep and wake up without the hangover you sometimes get from other sleep supplements.
Donya L. - 2024-03-07
Qualia of products seem very effective for me
Gregory E. - 2024-03-05
Since taking Qualia Night I sleep better and for longer. I no longer need a nap after lunch every afternoon.
Victor K. - 2024-02-27
I haven't received the shipment yet, but I'm very excited about the product based on all the positive testimonials!
Leigh O. - 2024-02-11
I have only been using this a handful of nights, but I am noticing that a few hours after taking it (I time it to hit at my desired bedtime), I start to get really tired, so even if I WANT to stay up and toil away at tasks, my body and brain don't give me the option. I have noticed somewhat of a deeper level of sleep during the night and am going to track my progress over this month to see how I do. So far, I'm really impressed.
Marlene S. - 2024-01-27
I’ve been dealing with insomnia and waking up in middle of the night for two years. I still do but Night gets me back to sleep again easily. I take sups at night and drinking water which is the problem situation I must work on, and getting in bed earlier, breaking this bad habit. Night helps me get back into sleep with no drowsy morning hangover.
TOBIAS V. - 2024-01-26
Eases my routine and no more groggy morning. I no longer feel like peeling myself out of bed each day...
Edmarc Brian E. - 2024-01-23
I feel like its working…
Christian S. - 2024-01-18
I First took qualia focus to help me with work but pairing it with qualia night was the best choose ever. I’ve always struggled staying asleep throughout the night. Since taking Qualia night I feel more rested in the morning which helps with brain fog, fatigue, and tiredness. Great product.
Amy H. - 2024-01-02
I have not used it yet but anxious to see the results and will update when I do. Very thankful for the quality of the products.
Donna T. - 2023-12-06
Wake up refreshed and sleep well.
Christine W. - 2023-12-03
Better sleep than I’ve experienced in years.
Tammy K. - 2023-11-26
I finally stay asleep throughout the night and I wake up before my alarm goes off feeling completely awake. I'm so grateful to have found this product!
Michael K. - 2023-11-20