Our Approach

Working with nature towards whole systems health

Our approach is premised on the idea that the body has an innate intelligence that can be supported and enhanced. No overriding the body’s natural functioning or tinkering with parts in isolation. We work to support the health of the body’s systems as an integrated whole, helping to increase its capacity and resilience.

All of our products are designed to help the body more effectively regulate its own biochemistry and restore homeostatic balance. Our goal is to support the integrity of those internal processes in becoming more robust and fully-functioning over time, producing lasting benefit even after discontinued use.

Our guiding design principle is whole systems synergy. Our focus is on understanding how to create synergy between the body’s systems, and experience effects far better than could be achieved if addressed in isolation. This requires a much more complex model of understanding how human physiology works, which is at the heart of what we’re working to pioneer.

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Understanding the system: The theory

A whole systems approach to the mind/brain interface requires stepping back and capturing every relevant factor. You have to examine the psychological, neurological and pharmacological dimensions themselves as complex systems and how each of these interacts with and feeds back on the others. You want to note and take advantage of synergetic relationships and how even small changes can lead to adverse externalities to be avoided. You have to carefully account for the particularities of how different chemistries interact with the body, and with each other, and then use all of this modeling to select just the right balance of form and dosage with each ingredient.

Complex systems are famously sensitive. Failure to account for the whole system can drive short-term benefits at the cost of damaging long-term equilibrium. But, if you can develop a true whole-systems approach, you can move the entire system into higher homeostasis.



Our ingredients are chosen based on the empirical basis for their role in the formulation and their known safety. We take into account several kinds of research to ensure we’re using the best information available.


We carefully source our ingredients to assure purity and authenticity. Where feasible, we use patented ingredients that are considered best in class and for which benefits have been demonstrated.

Secondary Testing

In addition to batch testing raw materials coming in, we pull bottles of market-ready product and verify the formulation inside the capsules.


Our ingredients are in the most biologically active form for the purpose that we intend them to achieve the highest possible potency and bioavailability. Herbal extracts are standardized for the purity of active ingredients.


Our ingredients are tested against carefully selected specifications and meet the quality standards of nationally recognized standards.

Labels & Certifications:

No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners

Primary Testing

All ingredients are tested to rigorous internal specifications to ensure they are all the proper form and potency. Ingredients and finished products are analyzed by chemical and analytical techniques to confirm identity, purity, and contaminants.


All our nutraceuticals are in the most biologically active form for the purpose that we intend them. (i.e., methylated, acetylated, phosphorylated, L-form, D-form, etc.). The form of the nutrient makes orders of magnitude difference, which is a category we’ll never compromise on, and also is responsible for the difference in cost.

R&D Process

In addition to our manufacturing lab, we have a research & development lab where we produce and test dozens of iterations of our nootropic formulations. We’ve had over 2 years of internal testing demonstrating safety and reliability. We have consulted dozens of doctors, researchers, and formulators during the development process.

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