Steven V. - 2024-07-23
I love Qualia Mind, I've been taking it off and on for years, and I feel a huge boost each time I take it.
Marissa P. - 2024-07-22
shipping came so fast! excited that its a vitamin i only have too take 2 times a month :)
Eli M. - 2024-07-22
Hi, I have purchased Qualia Mind and Night and both were delivered in under a week. I am extremely happy that I did not have to wait 2-3 weeks for the delivery. I am currently using the product and can leave another review after 30 days. Thank you
Hala H. - 2024-07-19
High quality ingredients and some not typically found in like supplements
Kyle Z. - 2024-07-19
So far so good.
Sara P. - 2024-07-17
So happy to add this to my stack!
Kristen L. - 2024-07-17
I am so happy a product was created to help kill off and eliminate zombie cells from my 53 year old body. I want to live a long healthy life for my children and grandchildren. I now feel like I can!
Guest - 2024-07-17
Emmanuel M. - 2024-07-16
I bought Qualia Mind with low expectations, having tried many nootropics with minimal effect. Some even seemed like placebos. However, knowing the background and the people behind this product, I decided to give it a try. It's truly the best cognitive booster I've found. While it's not magic like in the movie "Limitless," it significantly helps me focus and think more clearly. I usually only experience this level of clarity when I'm meditating, well-rested, eating right, and living healthily....Read more.
Theodore D. - 2024-07-16
Quality product with good ingredients
Myles S. - 2024-07-15
70 years young runner and martial artist--I have been taking QUALIA NAD+ for a week now and I am already feeling more energized and focused throughout the day. I love that it contains NR, Niacin, and Organic Coffeeberry® to support my body's NAD+ production and cognitive function. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to boost their energy levels and overall well-being.
Vicki B. - 2024-07-15
helps with mental clarity
Benjamin M. - 2024-07-15
I have trouble staying asleep as well as entering R.E.M. cycles. After a couple of nights I've seen an uptick in my HRV as well as R.E.M. cycles. Will continue to monitor to see where I'm at after every week. Also, I appreciate the two day off cycling, this makes a lot of sense.
Godfrey N. - 2024-07-14
Just received my qualia mind package can't wait to sample,I'm excited and the packaging is awesome.
janelle k. - 2024-07-14
This is definitely giving me a big increase in deep sleep! loving it!
Tom M. - 2024-07-11
I slept through the night, didn’t snore and awoke with calm, sustained energy, none of which I did before taking Qualia.
Michael M. - 2024-07-08
Just completed m y second month and feel great! I started to. notice a difference about a week after I took the first portion. Feeling more energy and stamina as well as better sleep.
Janehilda S. - 2024-07-05
Is Resilience no longer available!?
KHALID P. - 2024-07-01
I have tried different Nootropics products for 25 years. I started using Qualia Mind on a Friday. The next day I woke up and thought I should go somewhere fun. I remembered a play that was being performed by some folks who had repeatedly invited me to their shows. I had not remembered their show dates for three years. I finally remembered and went. Then other things started coming to mind. So far this is the best Nootropic product for me.
Richelle P. - 2024-06-29
I've used this twice now. I'm not exactly sure what this is doing, but it seems like it is doing good for me. I'm going to keep using it.
Eli C. - 2024-06-28
I don't know the science but it WORKS. I get a deeper more full sleep in less hours.
Mia W. - 2024-06-25
I just started taking Qualia Life, I am only on my second day, but I am sure that I started feeling the positive effects instantly. I had a sense of mental clarity and energy on my first day that I haven’t had in a long while and I am looking forward to continuing on my Qualia journey. Yay!!
Danielle O. - 2024-06-23
The premise is to take the Senolytic on 2 consecutive days each month, so this isn't a daily supplement. I read more on Qualia's site as well as from Dr. Hyman's site. Ordering was a breeze. Product was delivered the following day. I am going to start with my first dosage tomorrow! So excited!
Melissa W. - 2024-06-22
Love love love
WES W. - 2024-06-22
To soon to rate