Deborah C. - 2024-05-10
Super fast shipping. Haven’t taken yet. Too early to give a review of product.
Don M. - 2024-05-10
Whiloe I just received this product recently it seems great so far and I have friends who have been using it and love it.
Jenny M. - 2024-05-10
Just started taking Qualia Senolytic. It’s so great that there is a product like this out there. Looking forward to seeing the results.
Evgenia K. - 2024-05-09
Great product
Mike F. - 2024-05-09
Still early on, only about 1/3 of the bottle I’ve used. I really like it though. I usually like coffee in the morning, and like to have something with a little caffeine in the afternoon. Since day 1 I have not wanted to have that afternoon boost. We’ll see with time if this will last but so far I love it.
Jann G. - 2024-05-08
I've been using Qualia NAD+ for almost 6 months now and find it an indispensable part of my health span/longevity stack. I started a serious weight training program March 1, 2024, and believe it is in part responsible for my current success and ability to progressively build strength and muscles.
Kaye C. - 2024-05-08
Loving this supplement so far. No side effects after the first 2-day dosage. I am not sure if it was the placebo effect or not, but I've experienced more energy in the week after taking the 2-day dose. With multiple autoimmune conditions, I am hopeful this will be beneficial in helping to lower inflammation levels!
Amy R. - 2024-05-08
I love it! I feel energized and clear all day!
Maureen H. - 2024-05-08
I’ve been taking it for 5 days and feel like my skin is softer and healthier. I feel more improvement as I keep taking it.
jonathan w. - 2024-05-07
After taking 4 capsules daily for about 1 month, I can happily report that I have experienced improvements in my ability to focus, mental clarity, general energy levels and mood. While I would not say that I am necessarily more productive in my work, I am certainly less avoidant of simple tasks in my work and domestic life, which absolutely improves my overall quality of life, and helps me to feel grounded, capable and at ease. Previous to taking Qualia Mind, I was very easily distracted and ...Read more.
Emilio E. - 2024-05-06
Great product, please bring it back!!!
Waylon M. - 2024-05-06
Started taking NAD+ Along with Senolytic about two weeks ago. My cognitive performance has definitely been more focused and my overall attitude towards life has been amazing.
Maggie O. - 2024-05-05
Expecting nothing but good outcome.
David S. - 2024-05-03
I've spent weeks researching to find the very best Senolytic, and nothing even comes close to Qualia Senolytic, in terms of the full list of ingredients, their quantity, their quality, their bioavailability (maximum absorption), nor the qualifications of their team and research. They are absolutely the best Senolytic product available anywhere, and I'm excited to try them when they arrive.
Sylvia S. - 2024-05-03
Awesome product!
John G. - 2024-05-01
Great product along with mitochondrial Builders too!
Justin V. - 2024-05-01
There are no other companies in the market today who can compare to the highest quality ingredients and craftsmanship of these products.
Aundray N. - 2024-04-30
I use to have a bad stutter when I speak now it's gone
Debbie H. - 2024-04-30
It's works great!
Michele J. - 2024-04-29
Took my first monthly dose of Senolytic, within a few days I noticed I had more energy… 2 weeks later I suffered less anxiety and actually felt excited about life, I’m taking NAD+ w it, it might be the combo, but my skin looks younger!!!
Jocelyn J. - 2024-04-29
I took Focus prior, and I think I liked it more because of the caffeine. This was similar in its effects except for the energy (though focus did have 100 mg of caffeine). Both had the effect that I had initially had with focus that I did not expect. It turned off the multiple inner monologue in my head! I didn't realize how self-critical I was and this allowed me to tune out those voices. I can't go back. I'm more confident and don't care as much about what people think of me. Truly life-chan...Read more.
Sara S. - 2024-04-29
Great product.
Lisa B. - 2024-04-29
My husband and I both just LOVE this energy shot- we take it after lunch (by 1pm) to avoid afternoon slumps and instead have productive and focused afternoons at work. Thank you for creating this!
Caroline G. - 2024-04-28
product came quickly
Kelly C. - 2024-04-28
I love the minds behind this company. Such smart supplements but Leo with ingredient integrity. Thank you for what you offer!