Jane J. - 2024-06-08
Have been using Sleep, Resilience, and Senolyitic. As a new user I have been happy with a degree of better sleep and energy overall. Hoping the senolytic dosing over time can clean up those annoying zombie cells!
Andrea S. - 2024-06-08
I first ordered Focus not knowing, but hoping it would help me stay sharp for hours at a time, when I plan and write courses that I teach. I was not disappointed! Anytime I have important projects to work on I take two capsules and can plan on having sharp, focused, mental energy for many hours of productive creative work. I reordered and would suggest anyone try it who could use a brain fog clearing, mental motivation, and creativity lift from time to time!
Dmitry K. - 2024-06-08
30 minutes after taking the pills i felt a steady and consistent effortless focus. This feeling stayed all day and I was able to get more done. Taste could use some work, but I prefer a natural bad taste, than ones that's masked with who knows what flavoring.
Lynn G. - 2024-06-07
The product came well packaged and quickly. I took the first dose immediately and the second dose today, day 2. I was trying to figure out why I woke so early this morning without feeling as if I needed to guzzle my morning coffee just to function. Only time will tell.
MichaelChristian D. - 2024-06-07
I know I'm getting those Zonbia cells out of my system.
Stephanie R. - 2024-06-07
I've taken one month of the product and had some detox symptoms for the first 24 hours. But now I am feeling refreshed and energized. Really looking forward the benefits and results as time goes on. Thank you for offering such a great product.
Bryan M. - 2024-06-06
So Far So Good!
Audra K. - 2024-06-06
This is great! I have more focus, less brain fog and I am able to sit and study without getting tired. I highly recommend!
Sylvia S. - 2024-06-06
Have been looking for a product to add to my stack that promotes healthy aging at the cellular level. Love that it is a 2 day regimen that works on whole body rejuvenation including my joints. Exactly what I was looking for, using it along with detox for better aging. I’m really impressed with Qualia’s products, have felt an overall positive response when taking them.
Sylvia S. - 2024-06-05
On my second bottle of NAD+ and was surprised how much better my skin looks! I feel like I have more energy and it’s easier for me ti get things done. Great product.
Wendi W. - 2024-06-05
I have more energy and clarity of mind.
Trenton H. - 2024-06-05
Acuity and clarity at pristine levels.
Richard V. - 2024-06-05
For years, I've tried supplementing for the fast paced restaurant/bar lifestyle. Other nootropics failed to match Qualia's ability to put me in the zone, without becoming impatient or cranky. Also, I can manage sleep quality by fluctuating my Qualia doses.
Joy H. - 2024-06-05
As a person who is interested in evidence based supplementation - very much happy with the ingredients listed! It came so fast and I will be taking shortly!
Renee R. - 2024-06-05
I’ve only done one round of the senolytic But I felt the effects immediately. I have a lot more energy and less stiffness. I’m so encouraged.
Thomas G. - 2024-06-04
I have used Qualia Mind for many years to help with focus. I trust the science and the product's safety, and have nothing but great things to say about both the product and the company.
Michele S. - 2024-06-04
I love it and highly recommend it. I love the whole Qualia line!
Jennifer T. - 2024-06-03
I have been using for over a year. Love it and will continue.
Jennifer T. - 2024-06-03
Great product. I’ve been using monthly for over a year and have no plans to discontinue.
Marianne T. - 2024-06-02
Happy to try a protocol that is only 2 days a month. This is the first month, energy does feel better after one dose.
Carla S. - 2024-06-02
Love the way I feel!
Nelli K. - 2024-06-01
I've been taking NAD+ for a few days now. On the first day I felt a boost of energy that made me think maybe I need to be taking less of it, but over the course of the next few days it balanced out. I feel a pleasant energy throughout the day and feel a positive change in my mood as well.
Ramon C. - 2024-05-30
Keeps me sharp and on A game for sales. Love it
Mark M. - 2024-05-30
This product has become an important part of my morning ritual.
Susan B. - 2024-05-29
Day 2 my energy levels have improved. I'm sleeping better and I haven't needed to nap!