Jacqueline J. - 2024-03-20
I love how simply Dave explains everything ,I am so glad I found a video and learned more looking forward to feeling better with Senolytic!
Brad C. - 2024-03-19
I'm always trying to hack my way to feeling better, I finally found something that works.
Robert O. - 2024-03-19
As a seasoned nootropic user, I've found my initial use of Qualia Mind as a more focused laser than my shotgun approach in the past. So far, the alertness and lack of fog have been a creative boon, as well as as the initiative to jump in feet first on the more difficult tasks. I look forward to what the long-term benefits will bring to my cognition, memory, and mental agility.
Colby K. - 2024-03-19
I’ve tried so many different products to help with my years of sleep issues including strong sleep apnea. This has really helped me to reset my circadian rhythm on a great schedule and hit rem sleep much more often than I have in the past. My sleep apnea has improved. I used to walk up multiple times throughout the night and now am able to sleep a full 5-8 hrs. Highly recommended. I wake up feeling rested and more alert and focused throughout the day.
Earl B. - 2024-03-18
Honestly, after taking it 25 days or so I was about to cancel because I noticed absolutely NOTHING. I forgot to cancel and my second bottl cam in. I was mad. I cancelled that day. then a few days later I was at a party. Feeling great. And several people who hadn't seen me in a long time were commenting on how good I looked. It was a birthday party so "youthfulness" was a big topic. I was getting lots of "you really look young" type comments and later when I looed in the mirror, I noticed it t...Read more.
Mickey M. - 2024-03-17
After the 2 day process of taking the senolytic, I can immediately feel a huge positive difference. I know this product works and is benefiting me. I will continue to take it.
Jeffrey A. - 2024-03-17
I’ve tried a lot of noon tropic products but QUALIA MIND is the best! It keeps me focus and get’s me going! Everyone should try QUALIA MIND!!!
Ashley S. - 2024-03-16
I was curious about this product based on high recommendations by Dave Aspery. I noticed greater energy within the first week. Great product if you're trying to go a more natural route for energy.
Barb J. - 2024-03-16
I feel great after using Senolytic..I am one month in and planning on using it for several months
Dean S. - 2024-03-14
Just started 3 cycles...I just hope my doctor is impressed with the results in about a year.
Julie R. - 2024-03-14
Pleasantly surprised by the results. Definately noticed a difference in the way I'm able to get through my day with deeper clarity.
Barry B. - 2024-03-14
Was struggling with brain fog issues due to age and a recent illness, noticed the impact of Qualia Mind within hours of taking it, having the most productive day I'd had in weeks.
Alessandra S. - 2024-03-13
Kicks in about 6 weeks. You will notice the difference!
Traci H. - 2024-03-12
I’ve taken Qualia Senolytic for 5 months. Each time I take the monthly dose I can tell a big difference in my energy levels the next day. It’s one of my favorite supplements & I intend to keep taking it. Bye bye, zombie cells!
Brenda S. - 2024-03-12
I have spent so much money on other supplements, and I cannot believe the difference in taking Qualia Life for just a week! Focus & energy definitely elevated! Great great product!
Riley G. - 2024-03-11
Only 4 days in but the initial reaction is great. Increase in verbal fluency and focus. Energy seems to be heightened as well.
Attila H. - 2024-03-11
Just completed my 2 days "Cell Cleanse" with SENOLYTIC and I definitely feel a bit "Lighter" and I did feel like I was going through somewhat of a "Detox". Very easy to take 6 capsule for 2 days in a row and looking forward to seeing the after-effects as I will be repeating every 30 days!
David p. - 2024-03-10
This product has changed my energy levels and clarity throughout my long days.
Jennifer S. - 2024-03-10
This product has help me not only fall asleep but stay asleep and wake up without the hangover you sometimes get from other sleep supplements.
Cheryl B. - 2024-03-09
Received quickly. Very promising science. Will add to review in a month. Just starting product.
M W. - 2024-03-08
Excited to take the product I will update once I have taken for the first month
Eric G. - 2024-03-08
Having tried many other products, this has been the best one and have have been using for a couple years and can't see myself using anything else. My mind feels sharper, more focused and has really helped me with work and everyday function.
Chester M. - 2024-03-07
Just started the product. Feeling slightly more focused after just a few days. Excited to see how I feel after a month.
Donya L. - 2024-03-07
Qualia of products seem very effective for me
Paul F. - 2024-03-07
This was a great addition to my morning regimen. Really helped me to crank out what I needed to crank out during a really busy time at work.