Dan S. reviewed Qualia Night

3 months ago

Night is amazing

I've noticed since I've started taking Qualia Night that I've increased both my Deep Sleep as well as my REM Sleep. This was something that was beginning to worry my as I aged, since my numbers were decreasing. After reading the book Why We Sleep, I became more aware of the importance of these two types of Sleep on the renewal process for your body. Hence, I've been looking for a product that improves those two types of Sleep.

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Douglas P. July 10, 2020

Better Days with Qualia Night

I've struggled with extreme daytime fatigue for years, and know that quality sleep is the variable I've most needed to optimize to feel and perform my best cognitive, emotionally, and physically. In spite of the plethora of sleep hacks I've tried, I've been unable to crack the code and feel truly...

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Nic V. August 3, 2023

5 stars

Linda D. July 3, 2020

Slept Through The Night

For several years, sleeping through the night has been a challenge. I slept my first full night by Day Three on Qualia Night, and these last two nights as well. I feel so much more rested.

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Jonathan D. November 5, 2023

Hard to tell ...

If I have the ability to update my review here, I will. But I'm still pretty new to using this product and it's difficult to tell the difference. My nights have been difficult prior to this product and I've used lots of other supplements, and it's always been hit or miss, so it's hard to tell if ...

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