Weight Loss - Dr. Stephan Guyenet - Neuroscience

Weight Loss - Dr. Stephan Guyenet - Neuroscience

How The Brain Influences Your Weight

In this episode of Collective Insights we're joined by Dr. Stephen Guyenet, author of the acclaimed book, "The Hungry Brain". The topic? How the human brain affects our food choices.

Dr. Guyenet lays the case that our ancient, instinctive brain circuits (hello, dopamine!) lead us astray in our food choices, and these circuits don't care about our long-term health goals. Rather than blaming individuals for their lack of willpower, he suggests that our appetites and food choices are driven by a survival game that no longer exists.

Listen in as we take an eye-opening journey through cutting-edge neuroscience, gaining profound insights into why our brain undermines our weight goals and offers practical guidelines for eating intentionally. We discuss:

  • Can we change our weight set point?
  • The role of dopamine in flavor learning.
  • What an fMRI experience reveals about food cravings.
  • Easy to implement tips to outsmart the hungry brain.
Your brain is hardwired to recognize certain properties, certain chemical, and physical properties of food as good. - Stephan, Guyenet, Ph.D.

It’s a must-listen for anyone who wants to better understand how the human brain works and how it affects our food choices.

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