Longevity - Dr. Kara Fitzgerald - Epigenetics

Longevity - Dr. Kara Fitzgerald - Epigenetics

The Lifestyle Interventions You Need to Lower Your Biological Age

Biological age has emerged as an influential factor in understanding how our bodies cope with the passage of time, distinct from our chronological years. Today, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, author of Younger You joins Dr. Greg Kelly to unpack how with landmark studies and the development of biological clocks measuring DNA methylation patterns, researchers can now predict the aging pace with greater accuracy. Even more importantly, these studies put us in the driver’s seat when it comes to how we age.

Dr. Fitzgerald shares the foundational elements and the evolution of her clinically-tested dietary program, designed to alter gene expression and lower our biological age.

We discuss:

  • How biological age is distinct from chronological age and reflects the physical rate at which our bodies age, influenced by various factors, including epigenetics.
  • Dr. Fitzgerald's "Younger You" program and why it emphasizes the crucial balance between methyl donor nutrients and epinutrients like polyphenols to guide favorable DNA methylation patterns.
  • Why gut health plays such a powerful role in aging and longevity. 
  • Clinically tested dietary and lifestyle interventions proven to alter gene expression and lower biological age.
We've got a lot to say in the matter of biological age. - Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Here’s to a “younger you!” Listen now.

To learn more, read our complementary article to the discussion, Aging Backwards: The Lifestyle Interventions You Need to Lower Your Biological Age.

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