Aging Backwards: The Lifestyle Interventions You Need to Lower Your Biological Age

Aging Backwards: The Lifestyle Interventions You Need to Lower Your Biological Age

In a recent podcast Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, author of Younger You, sat down with Dr. Greg Kelly to discuss the evolution of her clinically-tested dietary program, designed to alter gene expression and lower our biological age. What follows is a summary of the podcast discussion.

Key Insights from the Discussion:

  • Balancing DNA Methylation: balancing DNA methylation could be the key to rejuvenating our biological age, enabling us to turn beneficial genes on and detrimental ones off.
  • Gut Health and Aging: The gut microbiome's role in aging is not to be underestimated, as a healthy microbiome contributes significantly to aging and longevity. 
  • Nutrient-Rich Diets and Lifestyle Interventions: Dr. Fitzgerald’s comprehensive nutritional program focuses on high polyphenol-rich diets intertwined with strategic lifestyle practices, highlighting the profound implications of food choices on our DNA's expression.

The Phenomenon of Biological Age

Biological age has emerged as an influential factor in understanding how our bodies cope with the passage of time, distinct from our chronological years. While our birthdays tick on, the disparity between how old we are versus how old our bodies functionally appear. With landmark studies and the development of biological clocks measuring DNA methylation patterns, researchers can now predict the aging pace with greater accuracy. The ability to alter these patterns through dietary and lifestyle opens up new possibilities for the pace in which we age.

Gut Dysbiosis: A New Hallmark of Aging

A revelation in longevity research is the recognition of the gut microbiome as a decisive element in the aging process – so much so that dysbiosis, or microbial imbalance, is now considered one of the hallmarks of aging. Dr. Fitzgerald extended the dialogue beyond traditional probiotics, advocating for a diet rich in polyphenols to enrich beneficial gut flora. Her recommendations hinted at a future where tailoring our microbiota could significantly impact our aging trajectory, echoing sentiments long held by naturopathic traditions.

Nutritional Strategies and Lifestyle Interventions to Lower Biological Age

Part of Dr. Fitzgerald's clinically tested program includes eating foods listed on the "dynamic dozen" list. The list is made up  of superfoods with the highest concentration of epi-nutrients. The consumption of these foods along with essential methyl donor nutrients offers a uniquely powerful method to optimally alter our genetics towards a youthful expression.

To hear what made the cut for Dr. Fitzgerald’s “dynamic dozen” and to learn the science-backed lifestyle interventions associated with a lower biological age, listen to the longevity podcast discussion in its entirety. 

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