Senolytics - Qualia Science Team - Aging

Senolytics - Qualia Science Team - Aging

Senolytics Are Revolutionizing Human Aging

In 2016, two of the top medical research institutions in the country- The Mayo Clinic, and Scripps- published some pretty astounding research. They identified ingredients that help our bodies naturally eliminate senescent cells!* And in the years since, numerous other studies have demonstrated the power of these little-known ingredients, called senolytics.

Meanwhile at Qualia, the research we were doing for healthy aging products - Qualia Life and Qualia Skin - led us to the emerging research on cellular senescence. Our team of scientists and doctors for years evaluated senolytic ingredients  - ranking each according to its efficacy and mechanism of action. And today, we sit down with two members of the Qualia Science Team - Dr. Greg Kelly and Dr. Nick Bitz with the goal of sharing everything we have learned along the way. We discuss: 

  • What is cellular senescence?
  • What are the “Hallmarks of Aging'' and why is cellular senescence an vital Hallmark?
  • The difference between cellular senescence and autophagy.
  • Classical places where senescent cells take hold in the body.
    Understanding the senolytic research from Mayo Clinic and Scripps Institute.
  • How do senolytics work?
    The correct way to dose senolytics.
  • What makes Qualia Senolytic a groundbreaking supplement in the aging space?
In the different notions of what contributes to aging, pruning senescent cells with senolytics is one of the most actionable methods available to us. - Dr. Greg Kelly

The message is clear: therapies that remove senescent cells - an area of medical research called senotherapeutics - is absolutely worth paying attention to. And today, we’re here to break down the science for you. 

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The Ultimate Recipe for Supporting Healthy Cell Repair and Rejuvenation

Qualia Senolytic represents the culmination of years of research into the biological mechanisms of aging. This two-day rejuvenation regimen may hold the key to to enhancing cellular health and supporting tissue revitalization throughout the body as you age.* Use code podcast when you shop Qualia Senolytic for 15% off your order.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • suellen Henry
    First heard about Qualia from a Dave Asprey podcast, was intrigued and began a subscription for Qualia Nootropic Energy last year. That in itself was a game changer and I continue to use it regularly. Heard about Senolytics from another Human Upgrade podcast and was also interested, but shortly thereafter forgot about it. I've since subscribed to the Neurohacker Collective and listened to the more recent episode on Senolytics and now much more schooled on this product- I'm going to try the product and see how I feel, will determine whether I go with the subscription as obviously, if I notice a difference will want to "prune" monthly- I already am taking some of the ingredients separately so this seems to be a good match for me.
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