Free Will - Robert Sapolsky - Human Behavior

Free Will - Robert Sapolsky - Human Behavior

Is Free Will an Illusion? Exploring Choice in the Context of Determinism

As human beings, we like the idea of having control over our lives. But could this just be an illusion?

In this thought-provoking discussion between Dr. Dan Stickler and neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky delves into the complex realms of free will, determinism, and the implications for humanity's understanding of choice and responsibility. Robert lays the groundwork for that theory and explains the profound consequences of this belief in reforming the justice system and education. 

Key Takeaways

  • Determinism suggests that all actions and decisions we make are the culmination of our historical and biological makeup, leaving no room for traditional notions of free will.

  • Emergent properties and chaotic systems introduce unpredictability into our world, challenging our understanding of determinacy.

  • Rejecting the concept of free will can lead to a more compassionate and understanding society by eliminating unjust blame and punishment.

  • There are implications for acknowledging the lack of free will ranging from personal liberation to potential societal restructure.

  • The subjective experience of consciousness and decision-making often lags behind the rapid, subconscious processes directing our behaviors.

Getting rid of free will isn't a drag and it isn't grounds for society collapsing. It’s absolutely wonderful news. It's liberating. - Robert Sapolsky

Listen now, and explore the provocative and complex concept of free will along with us.

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