Dopamine - Dr. Anna Lembke - Neuroscience

Dopamine - Dr. Anna Lembke - Neuroscience

How to Balance Dopamine Levels in a World of Pleasure

We live in a time of unprecedented access to high reward, high-dopamine stimuli and it’s taking a toll on our minds and bodies. Today, Dr. Anna Lembke, Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic at Stanford University School of Medicine and author of Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence is here to help us maintain a healthy sense of pleasure seeking in life.

This episode has something for everyone: an overview of dopamine, an explanation of the pleasure pain-balance, an exploration of the impact of culture and social institutions on human behavior, and hormetic activities that naturally boost dopamine levels.

We discuss:

  • How dopamine is involved in the pleasure-pain balance
  • The role that serotonin plays in homeostasis
  • Why a world of indulgence has led to dopamine deficits
  • How flow states and human connections stimulate dopamine production
  • Evaluating the risk-reward of psychedelics and dopamine mechanisms
  • Leveraging hormetic activities to boost dopamine levels
The smartphone is the modern-day hypodermic needle, delivering digital dopamine 24/7 for a wired generation. - Anna Lembke, MD.

Listen in now and learn how to maintain balanced dopamine levels in a world of pleasure. Tune in now.

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