The Perfect Human Diet? Epigenetics and Unlocking True Human Potential with Dr. Daniel Stickler

The Perfect Human Diet? Epigenetics and Unlocking True Human Potential with Dr. Daniel Stickler

A true thought leader and a man leading the way towards unlocking true human potential, Dr. Daniel Stickler joins Ben on the Muscle Expert Podcast today. The conversation covers everything from epigenetics, testosterone replacement therapy, the perfect human diet, shifting the paradigm of the health industry and tons more.

About Daniel Stickler, MD

  • Co-founder, Apeiron Center for Human Potential

  • Co-founder, Apeiron Academy

  • Medical Director, Qualia

  • Vascular Surgeon for 10 years

  • Full bio here.

Topics Discussed:

  1. The perfect human diet.
  2. Holy Basil for better neuroplasticity.
  3. Drinking ½ to 1 liter of olive oil per week.
  4. Nutragenetics, eating according to your genetics.
  5. Sleep hygiene best practices and fitting your sleep around you genetics.
  6. Which epigenetic marks you can and cannot influence through lifestyle intervention

Time Stamps:

  • 4:20 The Apeiron Model for the optimized life.

  • 5:08 The two biggest problems we face as humans sleep and stress.

  • 11:05 Treating the body as a whole system. What to biometrics to look for.

  • 12:20 Chronic social jetlag. Optimizing sleep using biometric data.

  • 14:55 Learned helpless and epigenetics

  • 16:16 What a healthy resting breath rate is?

  • 19:20 Shifting the health paradigm.

  • 24:10 Epigenetic marks written in pen vs. epigenetic marks written in pencil. Which epigenetic marks can you influence through life style intervention?

  • 30:40 The difficulty of testing neurotransmitter receptors.

  • 38:10 Formulating Qualia, 90 -95% positive reports from clients.

  • 43:00 Holy Basil and better neuroplasticity?

  • 43:40 Modafinil, phenylpiracetam positive and the potential negative effects.

  • 46:25 Bringing the brain into homeostasis,  Qualia’s greatest benefit.

  • 48:40 Aging, not a natural process? The new direction of aging research.

  • 49:44 Hormonal deterioration. Optimizing genetic expression.

  • 51:40 Is hormone replacement the right choice?

  • 52:18 Low testosterone in teenage boys and men in their 20’s. Not a good sign.

  • 53:45 Free testosterone, what’s an optimal range?

  • 55:45 Are we too aggressive with estrogen reduction? The epigenetic response from estrogen reduction.

  • 57:14 What to do BEFORE turning to testosterone replacement therapy. What can influence SHBG (Sec hormone binding globulin the most?

  • 57:30 The testosterone to cortisol ratio of the best leaders .The effects of too cortisol on your testosterone, even if your in the normal healthy range.

  • 58:43 Expert life extension strategies. Dr. Stickler’s personal diet.

  • 59:13 The perfect human diet could it be the Mediterranean Diet?

  • 1:00:18 Drinking ½ to 1 liter of olive oil per week. The nectar of the gods?

  • 1:01:40 Nutragenetics and eating according to your genetics. Sleep hygiene best practices and more.

  • 1:05:30 The Apeiron Academy and how to become a certified coach.

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