Neurohacker Collective Is Becoming Qualia Life Sciences

Neurohacker Collective Is Becoming Qualia Life Sciences

Neurohacker Collective is becoming Qualia Life Sciences.

Our Qualia supplement line blends ingredients to complement each other for a targeted net effect within the body.

Since 2016, Neurohacker Collective has been releasing supplement products under the Qualia brand name. "The name Neurohacker Collective made sense when we focused solely on brain health and mental performance products, but our continued growth and expansion into longevity and other high-growth categories now makes that name selection too limiting", said CEO James Schmachtenberger. As such, the company will start operating under the DBA Qualia Life Sciences. The company's ecommerce store will be hosted on

"Our science and advisory team has grown in recent years, allowing us to broaden our scope of formulation. We're now formulating products with as much emphasis on life sciences beyond neuroscience as within it."

The word qualia is a philosophical term meaning "the experience of being oneself", such as the uniqueness of one person experiencing the color red compared to another person.

"The idea behind the Qualia brand was always to empower the unique potential of each human experience, and with our broadening health focuses, the name captures that intent perfectly." adds Schmachtenberger.

The health formulas created by Qualia Life Sciences often combine a multitude of ingredients to complement each other for a targeted net effect within the human body. This formulation method supports balanced regulatory systems within the human body to enhance health, rather than overriding the body's regulatory systems to achieve a short-sighted effect.

Their holistic approach has won praise from naturopathic communities and mainstream health influencers such as Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey, Dr. Molly Maloof, and more.

"We're excited our approach is resulting in product requests across a large spectrum of health needs," adds Schmachtenberger. "Qualia Life Sciences is up for that challenge."

About Qualia Life Sciences

Qualia Life Sciences was established in 2015 to enhance the quality of life through cutting-edge wellbeing formulations. Their science team emphasizes the principles of naturopathy and has pioneered formulation techniques using complex systems science, which recognizes the body's inherent self-regulation capacity as a key factor in addressing various health issues. Their expanding product lineup addresses a wide variety of health needs, such as aging, brain health, senescent cells, sleep, skin, and energy, with many products under development.

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