Consciousness - Donald Hoffman - Neuroscience

Consciousness - Donald Hoffman - Neuroscience

Consciousness and Existence: What is Reality and Do We Have Free Will?

In this captivating episode host Dr. Dan Stickler engages in a profound conversation with Donald Hoffman, exploring the enigmatic terrain of reality, consciousness, and the limits of human perception. 

We embark on a journey through the contrast between religious teachings and scientific explanations, to an investigation into the framework of spacetime, Hoffman articulates his vision of consciousness as a fundamental aspect of the universe. 

Utilizing rigorous scientific theories and mathematics, he challenges the traditional physicalist paradigm, presenting a bold hypothesis that reveals the underpinnings of spacetime and ultimately, the experience of consciousness itself.

You will learn:

  • Why, contrary to conventional scientific views, consciousness exists outside of space and time and is fundamental to reality.
  • How the theory of 'positive geometries' opens up new avenues in physics, suggesting that these structures found outside of spacetime may hold keys to understanding reality.
  • The relevance of free will for an infinite consciousness versus its utility in human societal constructs.
  • Why multidisciplinary collaboration is crucial in advancing the study of consciousness, drawing from fields as diverse as mathematics, neuroscience, and philosophy.
Neurons cause none of my behavior, and you can't reduce my conscious choices or my free will if there is such a thing as neural activity. - Donald Hoffman

Listen now to hear a fascinating discussion at the intersection of science and consciousness. And be sure to read our complementary article to the conversation: Consciousness and Existence: What is Reality and Do We Have Free Will?

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