Integral Theory - Ken Wilber - Human Development

Integral Theory - Ken Wilber - Human Development

4 Quadrants That Influence Consciousness

Welcome to an exciting encore episode of Collective Insights, where we dive into the vast realms of consciousness and human development. In this episode, we bring you an in-depth conversation with philosopher and founder of Integral Institute, Ken Wilber, hosted by Daniel Schmachtenberger.

Ken Wilber is known for his groundbreaking work on human consciousness and personal development, and in this episode, we explore the two major types of self-improvement practiced throughout human history - "waking up" and "growing up."

Ken provides valuable insights on the various states of consciousness and stages of human development, and how we can use integral approaches to heal individual physiology and psychology. He explains how all human knowledge and experience can be placed within a four-quadrant grid, and how this understanding can transform our lives and the world around us.

Every objective occasion has subjective and intersubjective components; every holon has four quadrants. - Ken Wilber

Listen in as we share a special conversation from the Qualia vault, diving deep into the world of human consciousness and personal development, helping you awaken your potential and elevate your peak experiences. 

Learn More About the Four Foundational Quadrants of Neurohacking

The best part about neurohacking, is that the vast majority of recommended methods can be done with relative ease, and at its core, simplified to the supporting of four foundational quadrants: mind care, body care, relationships, and environment. Learn more here.

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