How to nourish your brain with nootropics (not drugs) and get the daily focus and mind you’ve dreamed of with Ben Cote

Ben Cote, the Director of Brand and Community at Qualia joins Elaina Love on the PureJoy Podcast to discuss nootropics, the design philosophy of Qualia and some amazing tips toward health and wellbeing and creating the life you want.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

  • Ben’s background, and how he got involved with Qualia
  • What are Nootropics and how do they work?  We talk about all of the brain products: Mind, Focus, and Eternus
  • How nootropics help to nourish the brain and help with focus, drive, and productivity while not creating dependency. 
  • Why Qualia comes with no side effects compared to other nootropics
  • Elaina’s experience of love, energy, focus, and peacefulness while taking the Mind supplement.
  • How do nootropics compare to Adderall? 
  • Can nootropics help with Alzheimer’s?
  • Ben’s favorite healthy food and supplement
  • Ben’s tips for living a healthy life and creating a strong mind.

Resources from the Episode:

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