Sexual Biohacking - Susan Bratton - Longevity

Sexual Biohacking - Susan Bratton - Longevity

Biohacking Sex

In this podcast episode, Dr. Daniel Stickler interviews Susan Bratton, a champion and advocate for passionate relationships and the world’s most well-respected sexual biohacker. The topic? How to biohack our sex span for greater longevity.

Susan discusses her journey into this line of work, which began with a crisis in her own marriage and a desire to learn about sexuality and lovemaking. She emphasizes the importance of education and communication in relationships, as well as the need to overcome societal taboos and shame around sex. She also talks about the concept of sexual biohacking, which involves using various techniques and therapies to enhance sexual pleasure and reverse the effects of aging on the body. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The benefits of intimate connection on your health and longevity 
  • Why your brain is your biggest sex organ
  • How we can extend our “sexspan” for deeper connection and to live longer
  • Techniques and therapies for ageless sexuality
  • The power of orgasmic cross training
When we use our "sexspan" to extend our lifespan and our healthspan we have good sex into our 100s. - Susan Bratton

Buckle up, Neurohackers. Science-backed tips and tricks to help you elevate your bedrooms and love longer are just a click away. Listen now. 

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