Longevity - Nathalie Niddam - Biohacking

Longevity - Nathalie Niddam - Biohacking

Exploring Longevity and Epigenetics

Today we dive headlong into biohacking longevity with Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Epigenetic Coach, and self-proclaimed science geek, Nathalie Niddam.

Nathalie's passion for human and healthspan optimization is contagious, as she discusses the importance of a bio-individual approach to biohacking and the need to consider factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and environmental influences.

Nathalie shares her fascination with bioregulator peptides, which are small peptides that can influence genetic expression and have potential applications in age rejuvenation. With a keen focus on actionable biohacking and data-driven healthtech, this episode is a treasure trove of the latest biohacking tech and tips to boost healthspan. We discuss:

  • Accurately defining biohacking
  • Epigenetics as part of our bio-individuality
  • Continuous glucose monitors to optimize health and longevity
  • What are peptide bioregulators and how do they work?
  • Why HRV is feedback, not a judgment
Longevity and rejuvenation is about being the healthiest version of yourself, for as long as possible. - Nathalie Niddam

Listen to stay ahead of the curve with the latest in biohacking trends, as we journey towards a better, more optimized version of ourselves.

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