Ser G. - 2023-11-08
Tried it 2 nihhts in a row and didn't feel any sleep inprovement.
Hisae I. - 2023-11-06
No changes in sleep quality nor did not have me stay asleep after continuing for a week, I gave up. Too many pills to take.
Sharon C. - 2023-11-02
I have taken this for 2 months and have not seen any improvements or results from this. For the price, the packaging is extremely basic, the pills come in blister packs. Absolute scam, and the reviews definitely seem fake. Save your money.
Steven J. - 2023-10-31
I keep receiving subscription charges for a product never delivered and cancelled subscriptions... Horrible experience
John Henry P. - 2023-10-18
This product didn’t work
Emmanuel A. - 2023-10-11
I am not impressed at all. I feel nothing invigorating my system. I do not find it worthwhile trying it for another one more month.
Monica S. - 2023-10-08
I only bought the I e time and did not sign up for a subscription, but they keep charging me and will not respond
Steve C. - 2023-10-01
Doesn’t work
Nevada H. - 2023-10-01
This gave me a headache and made me very tired all day. And now I'm trying to cancel my subscription and they are not letting me...typical
Sheila L. - 2023-09-05
I have not noticed anything 😔
Pam G. - 2023-09-01
I didn’t notice any difference in taking this product. It’s very expensive to not notice any benefits! I don’t recommend this product
Andy S. - 2023-08-23
I was hopeful this would help my vision but it had no effect at all.
Thomas B. - 2023-08-12
It is not working, cancel any further bottles
Jason F. - 2023-08-10
Paradoxical effect, my critical thinking and memory retention decreases. Its does help me focus . Low therapeutic effect.
Peter S. - 2023-08-08
I tried a packet (12 pills at 6 per day for two days). Have no idea really the efficacy. Wrote and asked how man servings are recommended and got no reply. Also, no idea how I am supposed to feel or what physical impact will I experience to know if the product has done anything.
Donna N. - 2023-07-28
After reading about how great the customer service is and how easy it is to request a refund, I ordered this product. After asking further questions, I decided not to take the product and asked for a refund, only to learn that although I ordered 3 months, only one would be refunded. This feels like a scam.
LARRY w. - 2023-07-24
I have not found this product to be helpful to me. Please cancel my subscription and refund my last order
Ro B. - 2023-07-23
Overpriced. Ineffective. Needs 7 capsules to be effective? Total BS.
John T. - 2023-07-17
On month 2. Not good results thus far. Aches and pains I've never felt and a knee injury I never had before despite the same routine. Is this normal? Are my bad cells being weeded out? One more month...
David E. - 2023-07-14
Of course we all want to age gracefully, but this product is a rip off. $82, for 2 days a month and I see no results or even how to measure them after 2 months. They are preying on our weaknesses and I didn't know I was signing up for a subscription. So if you get an amazing offer, make sure you cancel before the next month. I guess I could sell a bottle of water on Facebook saying it will make you younger in 3 months as long as you take it 8 times a day. No FDA approval. Nothing claimi...Read more.
Mahab S. - 2023-06-30
By mistake
Rebecca R. - 2023-06-23
This company promises a deep discount for auto ship sign up and then sends the auto ship without notifying the customer that it is time to review the auto ship - thereby guaranteeing at least a one time over priced shipment to the customer. Extremely predatory buisness practice.
Alison B. - 2023-06-20
Cannot stomach a single dose. I can’t get past the taste to do it & then how it lingers
Sandrea S. - 2023-06-01
A product that delivers on its promises in the long term will be worthwhile.
Robert C. - 2023-05-27
Not working