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Famous content creator, whose TED talk reached over 10 million views, Tim Urban joins us today.  He is  a writer, illustrator and co-founder of Wait But Why. Today he shares with us his story in finding his niche and discovering his passion for creating content for Wait But Why thru using stick figures as his way of illustration. He also talks about innovative ways to sustain yourself in the world of content creation. In this episode we discuss:

  • Using humor as a tool for effective learning
  • Making a business model out of a content site
  • Creating idea labs instead of echo chambers 

“Our reality is someone else’s utopia from the past.” - Tim Urban

Tune in as Tim further discusses how he became a zealot for free speech and gives insights on how he does his research to become an authorial voice on the variety of topics he writes on. Tim shares the important message of how to have generative conversations with people who don’t agree with you. He stands for having an open mind, respecting each other and allowing for disagreement. 

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Guest Bio:
Tim Urban is the co-founder of online tutoring company ArborBridge and the writer/illustrator and co-founder of Wait But Why, a long-form, stick-figure-illustrated website with over 600,000 subscribers and a monthly average of half a million visitors. He has produced dozens of viral articles on a wide range of topics, from artificial intelligence to social anxiety to humans becoming a multi-planetary species. Tim's 2016 TED main stage talk was the first TED video to ever reach 10 million views in its first year and now ranks in the top ten most-watched TED talks.

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