Healing Trauma - Gerard Powell - Plant Medicine

Healing Trauma - Gerard Powell - Plant Medicine

Trauma and Plant Medicine

Today’s episode is a story of healing, specifically with plant medicine. 

If you’re one of our many loyal listeners you know that a small group from the Qualia team recently went to Rythmia, a beautiful medically-licensed plant medicine center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. In a previous episode we interviewed Dr. Jeff McNairy, Chief Medical Officer at Rythmia. Today we speak with Rythmia’s founder, Gerard (Gerry) Powell. 

Gerry speaks in very transparent terms about the fact that even though he was successful from a secular standpoint, inside he was empty and in desperate need of healing. He credits plant medicine with his ability to transcend from a life of addiction and depression to one of purpose and contentment. We discuss:

  • Why fusing plant medicine with deep, hard, self work is a power combination towards healing
  • How spiritual healing often emerges from emergency
  • Learning to be mission driven without sacrificing purpose, in both work and life
Plant medicine sheds light on the true nature of the person and then that person feels gratitude for the fact that they're alive. - Gerry Powell

Gerry’s story is told with much heart, vulnerability, and passion. We’re excited to bring it to you. Listen in now. 

Join Us at Rythmia in 2023!

We are planning a Qualia Week at  the all-inclusive spiritual retreat center, Rythmia, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica next year. Join us!

If you've been contemplating trying plant medicine, Rythmia is not to be missed. Learn more and plan your trip here

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