Dementia - Dr. Heather Sandison - Lifestyle Interventions

Dementia - Dr. Heather Sandison - Lifestyle Interventions

How Personalized Lifestyle Interventions are Revolutionizing Dementia Care and Treatment

With her unwavering dedication to supporting those suffering from dementia, Dr. Heather Sandison has devoted her career to addressing the root causes of imbalances in the brain and body. Today she joins us to share the latest research on lifestyle interventions proven to slow cognitive decline, shattering common misconceptions about Alzheimer's and providing key insights to keeping our brain sharp at any age. We discuss: 

Changes in our brains start decades before symptoms of dementia show up, before we're losing our keys or forgetting names. - Heather Sandison, ND

Whether you’re in desperate search of a solution that provides real hope for your loved one battling cognitive decline or interested in what steps you can take today to reduce your risk for neurodegenerative diseases, this episode is for you. Listen in now.

Teaser: Listen to the entire episode to hear the role Qualia Mind played in Heather's recently published study

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Qualia Supports Long-Term Brain Health*

QUALIA MIND IS NOT INTENTED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. While we are encouraged by the results of this study, it was based on a multimodal therapeutic approach. As such, it is not possible to isolate the contribution, if any, of each of the interventions to the overall results. Therefore, these study results should not be interpreted as an indication that Qualia Mind reduces cognitive decline.

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