Changing Your Relationship With Money - Garrett Gunderson

Changing Your Relationship With Money - Garrett Gunderson

Cultivating an Abundance Mindset Towards Money

Collective Insights has covered many aspects of health and today we cover a whole new one, financial health. Garrett Gunderson is the perfect person to introduce us to this topic as he is commonly referred to as a financial genius within the entrepreneurial communities. And what better person to host this conversation than our very own CEO and co-founder James Schmachtenberger! 

We discuss:

  • How to set appropriate boundaries with work and money
  • Powerful financial exercise for determining your relationship with money
  • How to focus on creating value 
  • Faulty thinking about planning for retirement
  • Common ways to make your money work for you
Money is a man-made tool that represents value. A snapshot of value we've created from the past, but it doesn't reflect our potential and it doesn't dictate our destiny.

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