Longevity - Ben Greenfield - Biohacking

Longevity - Ben Greenfield - Biohacking

The Latest Biohacking Techniques to Improve Brain Health and Defy Aging

In this episode of Collective Insights Ben Greenfield is back to share the latest in biohacking trends for optimizing brain health, nootropics, and longevity. We discuss the impact of nutrition on brain performance, focusing on the Mediterranean diet and the role of polyphenols in supporting the gut-brain axis and then shifts the conversation to nootropic ingredients, with Ben sharing his personal stack for sleep deprivation and creative thinking. 

And we didn’t leave out biohacking technologies. The episode concludes with an in-depth discussion of biohacking technologies, including photobiomodulation, light-sound stimulation devices, and much more.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How akkermansia helps to control blood sugar and supports the gut-brain axis.
  • The science to support colostrum, glutamine, and bone broth being essential in healing leaky gut issues.
  • Ben’s favorite nootropic ingredients to offset sleep deprivation.
  • How Ben microdoses psychedelics to enhance creativity and cognitive function.
  • Why biohacking isn’t always about breaking the bank with new technologies.
  • How Ben is using biohacking technologies like photobiomodulation and light-sound stimulation for brain health and relaxation.
Modern science means we can take advantage of sleep tracking, micronutrient levels, blood analysis, hormones, and neurofeedback in our own home. - Ben Greenfield

If you’re looking for an episode that focuses on peak performance, defying aging, and living a limitless life, this episode is for you. Listen now. 

Did we whet your appetite? Read our complementary article to the conversation: The Latest Biohacking Techniques to Improve Brain Health and Defy Aging.

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