What are Peptides? Their Role in Health & Aging

What are Peptides? Their Role in Health & Aging

An exploration of the benefits of peptide therapy

Dan Stickler, MD joins us on the podcast for another episode on an emerging trend in medicine--peptides. Dr. Stickler is our medical director here at Qualia, and is also cofounder of the Apeiron Center for Human Potential and the Apeiron Academy. In this episode we discuss what peptides are, how to use them, and how they will fit in to a new paradigm of health care. Here are some points we cover:

  • Complex vs. complicated systems
  • Why peptides can’t be patented
  • Discussion about BPC-157, thymosin beta 4, thymosin alpha 1, and epitalon
  • Risks of using peptides on your own 
  • How Dr. Stickler personally measures his epigenetic age and the length of his telomeres
  • Senescent/zombie cells and aging
  • Gene editing
  • Effects of pesticides, plastics, and other endocrine disruptors 
  • A look at how we treat our health will affect future generations
  • How to measure the success of health protocols and treatments
You have to be challenging the system constantly for it to adapt in a very positive way -Dan Stickler, MD

We discuss the complexity of the human body and how we can’t measure health by any single metric. Dr. Stickler believes that getting comfortable with a degree of uncertainty and tapping into how the body feels are huge components of measuring the success of new health protocols. Peptides aren’t the magic answer, but are an important piece of the puzzle of human health. Tune in to learn more!

Guest Bio:

Dr. Dan Stickler is cofounder of the Apeiron Center for Human Potential and the Apeiron Academy. Disheartened by our current “sick care” approach to health, Dr. Stickler created Human Potential Medicine- an integrated, biospherical systems-approach that combines the scientific grounding and expertise of modern medicine with leading-edge genetic/epigenetic science and neuro-psychophysiological modalities to expand human capacity.

Connect with Dr. Dan Stickler:

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