Qualia Focus Reviews

Melissa W. - 2024-06-22
Love love love
Brett B. - 2024-06-09
Quality focused greatly helped my focus
Andrea S. - 2024-06-08
I first ordered Focus not knowing, but hoping it would help me stay sharp for hours at a time, when I plan and write courses that I teach. I was not disappointed! Anytime I have important projects to work on I take two capsules and can plan on having sharp, focused, mental energy for many hours of productive creative work. I reordered and would suggest anyone try it who could use a brain fog clearing, mental motivation, and creativity lift from time to time!
Dmitry K. - 2024-06-08
30 minutes after taking the pills i felt a steady and consistent effortless focus. This feeling stayed all day and I was able to get more done. Taste could use some work, but I prefer a natural bad taste, than ones that's masked with who knows what flavoring.
Martin O. - 2024-04-23
I have been taking nootropics for years and nothing comes close to Qualia Focus. This was my first time taking Qualia and I wanted to see if it was legit, so I decided to get the Focus version, which in my case, I'm glad I did. After taking my first serving, which I decided to break in half (1pill), I immediately felt the effects. I felt my mind go into to focus but is trying to understand the process. I am sure overtime as I take it more, the process will subside and find a healthy balance. ...Read more.
Nicholas H. - 2024-04-11
Focus has a great formula, providing a gentle rush of energy and long-lasting clarity.
Blake Z. - 2024-04-06
Love the focus and energy
Suzy Q. - 2024-02-22
As I have gotten older, I have found most neuro boosting substances are too intense for me and I get a headache, but not with FOCUS. When I take FOCUS, I just feel clearer in the head without jitters and without headache. Thank you for offering this product!
Obed C. - 2024-02-15
I saw many nootropic reviews. Neurohacker the only one that I saw that did what they advertise and has no negative side effects. First month here I come and cheers to a productive lifestyle and God Bless.
Chris C. - 2024-02-08
I’m not sure which product it is or it’s all 3 I’m now taking. (Focus and NAD+ and senolytic) but I’ve got so much more energy and focus and just want to get sh*t done! I love it. And will stick with it for as long as my poor budget allows. I’d love to try the night formula as I can’t stay asleep after 3hrs.
Jennifer H. - 2024-02-03
I go through periods where I have a REALLY hard time staying focused at work and in my line of business, it is necessary. Qualia Focus is the ONE thing that I have found that actually works and on the first dose! I was very pleasantly surprised because I have tried other things and they never seem to. It does have caffeine in it for those who are sensitive (I am not) but I will say that it is a very balanced focus. I don't feel like I've taken anything, but my concentration is 100x better. Th...Read more.
Jeremiah H. - 2024-01-21
I started off skeptical when starting my subscription. Didn’t know if it’ll actually make a difference but two months in I became sharper, more confident and attentive than I’ve ever been. Recently got a promotion at my job and this product was definitely a factor in the production necessary for my advancement.
Sadiq B. - 2023-12-12
This product is one of the most amazing nootropics of our time !
Jennifer K. - 2023-12-11
I haven't felt a massive shift, but I do feel less scattered when taking on big projects. The thing I have been impressed about is who is advocating for these products. Real top-notch scientists and members of Podcasts that I am a huge fan of. I have heard folks that I never would have imagined promoting items, promoting Qualia. That's a win in my book.
Heather F. - 2023-12-05
Hey there, I have tried so many nootropics, and when I really need to get something done and get in the flow state, I use the Qualia Focus. I am currently in NP school, but I also love this for creative projects. I do not use it every day, and I think that's what makes it really pop when I do use it. Also, I do at half dose and still get a great effect.
Muhammad H. - 2023-12-05
Yes it's a great product
Tara T. - 2023-12-03
I absolutely love the energy that I get when I take this
Tarah G. - 2023-11-14
Real focus support that works
Effie W. - 2023-11-14
The first few days Qualia Focus made me feel a bit anxious. After just a few days it no longer did that. Now it gives me energy and a sense of well being. I love it!
Nena J. - 2023-11-06
I have been struggling with intense brain fog, so I went to a naturopath and he recommended trying this, in addition to a couple of other things. I really enjoy this product and after about a week of being on it, I can tell a difference.
Andrea B. - 2023-10-04
I thoroughly enjoyed my first bottle of Qualia Focus. I use it when I feel like I need an extra boost for focusing on specific tasks or completing small projects. It lasts for most of the day for me since I don't consume caffeine daily.
Rebecca S. - 2023-09-28
I just started but today was a productive day! Yeah !!
Zakiyah B. - 2023-09-12
It’s the perfect pick me up without the jitters I usually get from drinking too much espresso. I feel recharged, balanced and more productive.
Jordan B. - 2023-09-11
I've been taking Neurohacker for several months now and I feel like I have more focus than before. I don't feel overly stimulated, but it has a nice crystal clear alertness. I enjoy how productive I am while taking it, and how sharpe my mind seems to work. I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself, and seeing if it can give you the same results that I've experienced.
Gavin C. - 2023-09-02
First day I took these pills I done homework for 5 hours. Then the next morning I woke up with a burst of energy. It’s only been 1 day and a half and I’m excited to see what happens next.