Muhammad H. reviewed Qualia Focus

7 months ago

I'm just trying to get my gift.

Yes it's a great product

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Stephanie R. March 10, 2023

Only positive results

Felt more energy and motivation

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Zachary L. May 30, 2023

It def works!

Focus definitely increases your energy and helps you with task initiation. I've really enjoyed my experience with this product.

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Kyle N. April 15, 2022

Consider me sold

The more I take it the more I feel the benefits of the product, and the alertness/focus that follows with it. It doesn't feel like an artificial high, but completely natural.

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Quinton S. April 28, 2023

It’s hard to tell

I can’t really say after just 10 days that i was able to completely take advantage of this. I’m not sure if it requires some time to start actually working but as i tried it out, i did feel more naturally energized without needing coffee to complete tasks after the first week

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