Dmitry K. reviewed Qualia Focus

about 2 months ago

Qualia Focus

30 minutes after taking the pills i felt a steady and consistent effortless focus. This feeling stayed all day and I was able to get more done. Taste could use some work, but I prefer a natural bad taste, than ones that's masked with who knows what flavoring.

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Jordan B. September 11, 2023

Good overall focus

I've been taking Neurohacker for several months now and I feel like I have more focus than before. I don't feel overly stimulated, but it has a nice crystal clear alertness. I enjoy how productive I am while taking it, and how sharpe my mind seems to work. I would definitely recommend trying it o...

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Anthony S. May 25, 2023

Great mental clarity and focus!

This product really did appear to provide more consistent mental energy for me throughout the day and mental clarity. I did notice more bruxism with some mild increases in anxiety (however the anxiety increases were not every day when taking it, only an average of 1 day per week). While I enjoyed...

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Josh L. September 7, 2021

Final review

Increased focus with a quiet mind, increased a kind of smooth energy with out any jittery overstimulation.

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Cindy F. April 15, 2022

A new way to power thru your day!

Great energy and focus even in long stressful work days and sleep was not optimal

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