K H. reviewed Qualia Focus

12 months ago


Took quite a while to get here but customer support was very helpful. Thank you!

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Jakob B. August 22, 2021

Noticeable, but subtle difference in focus and ability to concentrate

I didn't notice much difference in the beginning, but that might have been because of lack of sleep. Definitely started feeling more focused and calm after the 4th day of taking the supplement. The effect is subtle, but it's a noticeable difference when I don't take it. I'm able to concentrate mo...

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Beth C. May 20, 2023

Big Improvement

I could tell a huge difference in my thinking. Subjects were easier to grasp and expand upon. My thoughts were much more focused and extremely less scattered.

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Jesse A. May 20, 2023


Great for focusing when life gets crazy!

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William G. May 24, 2023

Great Product

I feel focused and alert while on this product. With my high stress job as an engineer, this supplement has not disappointed.

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