Michael T. reviewed Qualia Night

over 2 years ago

Dream and ZZZZZZZZ Sleep...Yawn, sleep undisturbed

After three nights the best sleep and fantastic dreams ever. Thank you Neurohacker Collective.

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Stanislav S. October 27, 2021

Good supplement

Good supplement for sleep.

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Drew B. March 18, 2020

Earlier Bedtime, Deeper Sleep, and Waking Feeling Rested

While taking this product, I have been able to fall asleep much earlier. I have been sleeping very deeply and waking up feeling refreshed and energized. I notice my dreams are very vivid and I remember them a lot more than normal. Taking this product was very helpful in keeping and maintaining a ...

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Jennifer S. March 10, 2024

Stay Asleep without the hangover

This product has help me not only fall asleep but stay asleep and wake up without the hangover you sometimes get from other sleep supplements.

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Amy S. December 6, 2023

4 stars