Neurofeedback - Dr. Andrew Hill - Neuroscience

Neurofeedback - Dr. Andrew Hill - Neuroscience

Optimize Your Brain With Neurofeedback

This episode is all about the brain, specifically how to optimize cognitive performance and behaviors via neurofeedback. Research shows our brains are highly malleable and neurofeedback is a cutting edge tool to help us safely train broad regulatory actions associated with mood, attention, self-regulation and self-control, sleep, energy, stress, anxiety, and much, much more. 

But how exactly does neurofeedback work? And for those with advanced knowledge in the field, can we objectively measure executive function? Dr. Andrew Hill, a previous guest on this podcast who holds a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience, helps us answer those questions. We break down the brain’s “languages” (think delta, theta, alpha beta brainwaves) in an easy to understand format while satisfying the questions we all want answers to, such as:

  • The difference between neurofeedback and biofeedback
  • Why normal readings during brain mappings are overrated
  • What neurofeedback reveals about the brain post COVID
  • Combining chemicals that boost brain plasticity with neurofeedback
  • What brain maps tell us about cannabis and the brain
A single session of neurofeedback has been shown to dramatically increase brain plasticity for 24 hours. - Andrew Hill, Ph.D.

If you love the brain like we do this episode is for you. Listen in now. 

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