Human Development - Mark Divine - Mind Training

Human Development - Mark Divine - Mind Training

Pillars of Human Development

In this special encore episode, Mark Divine, former Navy SEAL and elite performance trainer, joins head of Qualia R&D, Daniel Schmachtenberger, to discuss the importance of developing a practice of integration to help us step into our full potential as human beings.

Mark shares how by cultivating the "Kokoro" mindset, which combines heart and mind into action, individuals can become world-centric warriors who respect all sentient beings and work towards the betterment of society while simultaneously upgrading our consciousness. 

Key Takeaways

  • Developing mental and emotional resilience is essential for individuals to thrive in today's world.
  • The practice of Kokoro Yoga, which integrates physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual aspects, can help individuals step into their full potential.
  • Respect for all sentient beings and a sense of world centrism are crucial for creating positive change in society.
  • The skills and practices used to prepare warriors for combat can also be applied to help them transition back to civilian life and lead fulfilling lives.
  • By reframing our view of suffering we can increase our resilience and change how we show up at work and in our relationships.
  • A science-backed breathing technique to help center the body and focus the mind. 

When you're emotionally in control, and able to not be drawn into the story of your emotions, you begin to peek deeper into the human aspect of yourself. - Mark Divine

Listen in now to learn the five pillars of human development to master your mind and body.
Curious? To learn more read the article based on the conversation: 5 Pillars of Human Development to Master Your Mind and Body.

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