Biohacking - Thaddeus Owen - Cold Exposure and Light Therapy

Biohacking - Thaddeus Owen - Cold Exposure and Light Therapy

How to Use Cold Therapy and Light Exposure to Boost Health and Longevity

In this episode of Collective Insights, Dr. Greg Kelly interviews Thaddeus Owen, also known within the biohacking community as “Primal Hacker", about his book "The Hibernation Diet" and the impact of light exposure on hormones, weight loss, and sleep. 

Thaddeus explains that light is information for the body and that the changing light levels throughout the year and throughout the day can affect our metabolism, appetite, and weight gain or loss. He suggests that cycling our diet based on the time of year and the seasons can be a healthier approach than sticking to one way of eating indefinitely. 

Thaddeus also discusses the importance of cold adaptation and shares strategies for improving sleep, such as using blue light-blocking glasses in the evening. He shares an easy-to-implement  lighting strategy that aligns with the natural light cycles to support optimal health.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What “The Hibernation Diet” is and why it’s vital to health and longevity.
  • The health benefits of cycling our diet for seasonality.
  • Winter slumber secrets - why we need more sleep in the winter season (and how to get it!).
  • How cold therapy boosts mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism.
  • How cold therapy triggers the release of crucial neurotransmitters for thermogenesis.
  • Creating a lighting strategy that aligns with the natural light cycles to support optimal health.
Light is being read by our body and brain, impacting metabolism, appetite, and sleep. - Thaddeus Owen

Listen in now, and embrace the winter within, for a healthier, optimized, better you.

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