Sleep - Dr. Dan Pardi - Neuroscience

Sleep - Dr. Dan Pardi - Neuroscience

How To Sleep Like a Hunter Gatherer in a Modern World

Are you ready for part two?

A couple of months ago we released an encore episode of a conversation between Dr. Dan Pardi, sleep researcher at Stanford and Leiden University and CEO of, and Qualia Co-founder, Daniel Schmachtenberger. The conversation drew a remarkable amount of listens. Now we’re delivering on our promise, serving up part two for your listening pleasure.

On tap is a riveting discussion about what we can learn from the sleep patterns of hunter-gatherers. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Pardi and Daniel go down every conceivable rabbit hole of sleep science, including:

  • The surprising truths associated with the sleep patterns of hunter-gatherers,
  • What we can learn from biphasic sleep (a sleep pattern in which a person splits their sleep into two main segments per day),
  • Genetic predispositions that require less sleep, 
  • The relationship between stress and sleep, and
  • How toxins affect both our sleep cycles and sleep quality
Sleeping is not laziness. Sleeping is self-preservation. - Dan Pardi, Ph.D.

If you love sleep science that ventures outside of mainstream sleep research, this episode is for you. Note: Dr. Pardi and Daniel jump right in where they left off in part one. Listening to the first episode lays the groundwork for what you’ll hear today. Enjoy! 

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