Shelly C. reviewed Qualia NAD+ | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Still unsure

I’m a very energetic person as it is so this may have gotten me a slight bit energy. I may need to take more to see if I see additional benefits.

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Alden R. February 9, 2024

Product Review

I have NAD+, the senolytic and Life - can't wait to see how I feel!

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Lisa B. April 5, 2024


I chose this product after reviewing multiple brands. No other product seems to have the formulation put together as well as this one. I’m excited to ditch various other mediocre vitamins, and replace it with this combined product for optimized aging!

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Mariesa B. January 30, 2024

Immediate difference

Can tell right away a change in energy! Feel more focused and daily exercise performance is enhanced.

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Sage H. February 9, 2023

Great product!

I noticed an increase in energy and also much improved athletic performance. Well done!

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