Jim A. reviewed Qualia Night

over 3 years ago

Qualia Night helps prepare my body and mind for restful sleep

This is my first review of the Qualia Night supplement. I started taking it on December 11th as recommended. I have been taking 4 capsules for 5 days on and taking 2 days off. I've also been using blue-light blocking glasses and a sleep mask with the supplement. Wearing blue-light blocking glasses during the evening hours, taking the Qualia Night supplement a few hours before sleep, and wearing a sleep mask in bed have helped me have a soothing night of sleep. I feel like I'm getting more restful sleep instead of simply getting more sleep. I don't think there is one solution to help a person get better sleep. I think it's a matter of trying out different products, either individually or together, and feeling what works and what doesn't. I feel like Qualia Night works for me the way I'm taking it.

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Jose C. August 14, 2020

Works great

i love this product. I can finally sleep through the night

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Josh C. July 24, 2022

Great sleep!

I’ve taken many sleep products, and this is one of the few I could notice a difference within a few nights.

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Rachel P. May 26, 2023

5 stars

Colby K. March 19, 2024

Reset your circadian rhythm! Great with sleep apnea!

I’ve tried so many different products to help with my years of sleep issues including strong sleep apnea. This has really helped me to reset my circadian rhythm on a great schedule and hit rem sleep much more often than I have in the past. My sleep apnea has improved. I used to walk up multiple t...

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