Steven L. reviewed Qualia Synbiotic

9 months ago

Loves my gut and taste refreshing

I got an unflavored and tropical flavored synbiotic. I tried the tropical by itself and was blown away by how refreshing a fiber + pre/pro/post biotic could taste. My digestive tract had no negative feedback from its introduction. So far less bloating and bowel movements are more pleasant. I'm sure I'd have more good to say as my digestion continues to improve with its use.

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Mike B. June 15, 2023


Tastes great, easy to mix and dissolves easily in water and fruit juice. Not sure if it’s due to the synbiotic or not but I’ve had to use the bathroom a couple more times per day than normal with loose stools. I’ll continue with the synbiotic to see if things return to normal.

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Nadine A. November 16, 2022


It seemed to move things along faster. Was gassy at first but after 2 weeks I seemed to be regulated.

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Matt S. June 15, 2023

Second time trying and highly recommend

This product has helped reduce bloat and would recommend it!

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Lilia H. June 30, 2023

Used product as directed.

Used product as directed. Unable to tell if it’s working. No noticeable effects.

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