Nenatechae M. reviewed Qualia Synbiotic | Beta Tester

about 1 year ago

Great product to get you back on track

Symbiotic is great for quickly getting you back to a regular movements. It quickly empties all that has been left behind and will set you on a steady pace to get your body in a regular cycle.

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Meaghan M. June 15, 2023


I do feel really good that I am taking care of my gut. My only two points of feedback are that there is some residue at the bottom of the cup so it doesn't disintegrate perfectly and I have had some gas/bloating but that could also be the product doing its job :) Also, my product is unflavored so...

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Christina E. June 16, 2023

Feel really good

Feel really good taking it. Feel less bloated. Have seen slight positive change in mood. Doesn’t dissolve well though.

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Amanda J. June 29, 2023

Great product

Great product, would take again Packaging is nice. I love the idea of the product. I’m feeling better!

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Todd S. June 17, 2023

The perfect "all-in-one" gut health product

The perfect "all-in-one" gut health product. I had been using a prebiotic, a probiotic, and a digestive enzyme. Synbiotic is working better for me than the three stand-alone products...and is more convenient! Having read the Qualia blog on Synbiotic - I see why this is so effective. Not only...

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