Gary C. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

over 3 years ago

Laser focus helped my productivity soar!

This product was excellent. I was more productive and focused during the workday.

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Hanlin L. June 30, 2021

Fully recommended

I super recommend NeuroHacker Qualia Mind Essentials. It worked for me!!

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Shane M. July 21, 2019


I have tried quite a few different nootropics and all of them have done absolutely nothing for me, I finally decided to try your very expensive product because you get what you pay for but after using your product for the past 2 months I came to the conclusion that nootropics including your brand...

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Nancy D. October 11, 2019

An inner calmness

Every time I take Qualia Focus it’s like a wave of ease washes over (and inside) my cells making me feel the flow in life I so desperately needed. 🧘🏻‍♀️ I feel an inner calmness that made me realize I was actually operating at a low level anxiety.

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Gina M. July 20, 2023


I love you guys very much but I can’t afford you anymore. I broke my hand and I’m not able to work. I wish I was able to get my stuff together and work with you guys on pricing instead I can’t play anymore and I’m very sad because you help me out tremendously.

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