Richard P. reviewed Qualia Life

over 3 years ago

Great product so far

I had a good experience with the product. I’m rating it 5 stars because I did experience a boost of energy that was noticeable. Even on a day after I had poor sleep I still noticed higher level of energy. The reason why it wasn’t excellent was the effects seemed to wear off after a few hours. It would be great to have something that last a little bit longer. Part of my 5-star rating is I noticed an enhanced “clarity” and “awareness”. It was quite pleasant to have this increased clarity. It really helped remove the brain fog part that contributes to a lack of energy.

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Laura A. December 22, 2022

Great Supplement

Love Qualia Life. Noticed a difference. Felt like I could finish the day well.

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corinne h. January 20, 2021

Truly living-not surviving

Eternal is the missing link for me. I have been struggling with low energy for a while and this product addresses the underlying mitochondrial deficiencies. From the first day, I had sustained energy, mental focus, and uplifted mood. I noticed I did not have my usual daily crash and I was able t...

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Lee S. October 2, 2022

5 stars

October 8, 2021

5 stars