Qualia Mind Reviews

Matt R. - 2021-09-22
Went through two bottles of this over the span of 3 months to give it a fair assessment. Couldn't tell a difference whether I was on it or not. Too expensive for what it is and I've gotten better results personally from similar products priced at 1/5 the amount charged here. I also do not like the spammy advertisements via email and text. Lots of buzz words, very little substance. If you're confident in the product then provide the discounts you advertise when you purchase one and not only by...Read more.
Nick C. - 2021-09-14
So far it has had minimal effects. Seven capsules a day are too much in my opinion. Not to mention they are large capsules. Maybe a little longer usage may improve my experience.
Gail D. - 2021-07-22
I've been taking 5 pills a day, and the first day I took them, I had the same kind of headache that I only get when I've had too much caffeine. Aside from that, I really haven't noticed any difference in focus or clarity. I may try 7 pills, as suggested, but honestly, they smell awful and I already have a difficult time taking 5. Between the cost, the smell, and the lack of value, I have a really hard time recommending these to anyone.
Jeffrey P. - 2021-07-12
Really wanted this to work but didn't notice any changes
Josh M. - 2021-06-16
Beside making my hands and feet sweat for hours after taking I did not notice much of a change with focus. I feel this is way over priced and seen more from focus from Costco then with this product for 3 times the price.
Terry A. - 2021-06-03
Thanks for the opportunity to review, unfortunately the product is not working for me. I have tried a couple of different doses, 2 first thing in the morning, 2 an hour later. I have also tried 3 but no real effect, in fact it makes me less energetic. I wish it would work for me as it has for others.
Mehmood K. - 2021-05-28
After a month of use (5 days a week and 7 capsules a day), the only noticeable difference I felt was better verbal fluency. But as for energy, focus & memory recall, I didn't feel anything.
Andris R. - 2021-04-29
Don’t feel any difference besides burping and bad smell. Started as suggested 7 pills in the morning first week. Felt nothing! Next week took 8 with same result. Now taking 10 pills in the morning on empty stomach and feel no difference. Way too expensive to experiment more
Ej K. - 2021-04-19
Ordered Qualia Mind, was pleased with product so tried the Mind-Life-Immune package through a subscription. Next thing I know two more Qhalia minds show up in separate maings and two more package orders in additional mailings. Have been charged for all orders never made. Again, love the products but fulfillment center is out of control so I am cancelling subscription.
Jonathan P. - 2021-04-12
If they changed the taste, it would be great.
Carol S. - 2021-04-12
I really can't say it's made much difference for me in mind clarity or energy. And I really can't take the pills as they smell like perfume + make me nauseated no matter if I take them on an empty stomach or after food. I did take an entire bottle.
Rachael B. - 2021-04-11
Absolutely not worth the price. Effect was too subtle and only lasted an hour at most for me. I had high hopes but was disappointed. Couldn’t imagine paying so much for it- maybe if it was much much much much less expensive I’d be on board.
Gary H. - 2021-03-12
Not sure if i felt anything, but do not know how to test it
Lindsey L. - 2021-03-04
Been taking it for 4 weeks now with 2 days off on weekends and haven’t noticed an improvement in memory or focus. I do feel slightly more calm but that’s about it. I eat a healthy diet with limited sugar and processed foods. I exercise regularly and am very health conscious but have trouble concentrating and recalling information. Was hoping for a more noticeable effect to justify the price.
Leslie L. - 2021-02-18
I really wanted this to work but honestly I don't feel much of a difference. I cannot justify paying over $100 for something that isn't making a definitive difference in my cognitive function. Shame. I wanted to like this and would have had no problem paying if I felt confident that it worked.
Steve G. - 2021-01-19
something inside this formula gave me oh such bad headaches. Qualia was great as they refunded me
Tesra j. - 2020-12-28
I've only been using Qualia mind for 2 weeks i havent felt any improvement next time ill try the one with caffeine because the regular one makes me sleepy.
Kenan B. - 2020-12-28
I have not really felt any improvements as of yet. It might be due to caffeine version but just requested the non caffeinated unit back. It was making my chest pound after 20 -30 minutes of taking. I have not felt more focus, improved memory, no positive thinking and any will power. I have increased my dosage to 10 pills. I still find myself getting worried and not confident about the memory and focus side of things. There might be still time I need to take for body to adjust. So, I will con...Read more.
paul g. - 2020-10-09
liked the daytime feeling but had reduced deep sleep that got worse as i continued the qualia
Jim b. - 2020-09-21
I've been taking 7 capsules per day and noticed little difference from mind life pro. Please refund.
Tony L. - 2020-08-07
Honestly I've been taking it for a week now and have seen little to no improvement so far, also causes stomach aches when I take it. It could be worth the try due to money back, but I personally don't find it worth the high cost for such little benefits in my experience.
Gustavo Z. - 2020-07-31
So far, no change except for a little alertness. No effect on lack of energy or mid day crashes.
Scott M. - 2020-07-05
I bought qualia mind and was hoping for results like most I've read about in the reviews, but I didn't notice much difference except for a slight headache. Maybe I'll try a different product. I will say that customer service wise they get 5 stars because they refunded my money with no questions asked. I wish it would have worked for me. The search continues.
Gina I. - 2020-05-10
Day one was terrific! Everything I needed. I felt good & (5) pills did the trick! Qualia did not work for me again... oh, I wish it had!
Tom C. - 2020-04-27
I’m sorry but I have seen no noticeable improvement after a months use. I’m m 71 years old and it was worth a try but, at almost 130 bucks a shot I don’t see a tangible improvement.