Qualia Mind Reviews

Michele S. - 2023-11-06
It's been a month for me, but sadly -- I don't see any difference yet. I'll keep using it for another couple of months and hopefully, the product will start having some productive effect. If not, then the good thing about Neurohacker is they have 100 day money back guarantee.
Nick J. - 2023-11-03
All respect for Neurohacker and their mission but unfortunately, Qualia just isn't for me.
Dan H. - 2023-08-15
I was hoping for improved mood, memory, and cognitive function, but it seemed like a got the complete opposite for a number of hours after my first dose. Hopefully tomorrow's dose proves better.
Rebecca M. - 2023-06-13
Super expensive if you live in australia. Product is good but this is very expensive once shipping is added with the auto renew. Please buy with caution.
Rogelio V. - 2023-06-11
After seeing several video reviews and reading about its benefits, I had high hopes for this product, however, I did not feel a difference even after 3 weeks. It may be different for others, but for me, it didn’t work or deliver results for the price tag that comes with.
Andrew P. - 2023-04-28
But after almost three weeks of taking it, I have seen zero results.
Lee M. - 2023-03-06
My wife and I both purchased our own bottle. We starting the day with water and Mind but nothing so far after day 1 at our offices. We will provide helpful and honest updates here and on our other sites. Our bottles had weird stickers on the lid and we asked about them and Qualia Support told us our bottles were older. So I requested new bottles since that is what we paid for. Stay tuned!
Kristina H. - 2023-02-17
Did not receive Quail mind when I ordered the stack. It took contacting the company 3 times before I received the correct item.
Carolyne W. - 2022-09-19
The ingredients are good but the smell is so offensive that I have to hold my nose and can only tolerate 2 at once.
Mir J. - 2022-06-26
Was hopeful this was going to do something positive for me in terms of focus/concentration or energy but it didn’t do anything that I could notice unfortunately. Maybe it’s just me.
Dana M. - 2022-05-26 | Beta Tester
As with other Qualia products, I have a hard time with taking 6-8 capsules first thing in the morning. I did so, for the sake of the study.
Ajay T. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
No major impact was felt while taking the product
Molly C. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
I did not feel any effects from Qualia Mind
Emily B. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
I did not notice anything
Quentin c. - 2022-05-13
I was originally excited to receive this product, I am a regular coffee drinker so I went with the caffeinated version. Warning: the recommended dose even with a high caffeine tolerance did cause an adverse reaction in me, I’m not sure if I can take this product again.
Tyler W. - 2022-03-14
Didn’t really work for me I had a lot of hope in this product but I’m my case there was no real significant change in my cognitive ability!
Pierre R. - 2022-01-23
You guys sent me another package which i don't need
Toni D. - 2021-11-11
Was hoping for a miracle, with a "shocking" difference in my memory. Have only used this for 2 weeks, but so far, nothing. Going to continue using this for the rest of the bottle, at which time, I'm hoping that there will be a noticeable difference....
shawn p. - 2021-11-05
There was zero difference in my day to day other then by about 3 I felt like I haven’t slept in a week
Jamie H. - 2021-11-04
I am taking the quails faithfully for a month and I see no changes …am going to try it for a couple more months and see what happens
James D R. - 2021-11-03
have been taking hte Qualia Mind for several weeks now but have nothing good or bad to report at this time
Carlos M. - 2021-10-21
I had high hopes. I work in a entertainment agency so I need to be in the zone when it comes to getting focused. I thought in the beginning it was working but cognitive memory was not improving as the days went on. Taking it every morning which were hard to swallow with water, It didn’t long for me realize that it wasn’t working the way its supposed to
Brett G. - 2021-10-17
Saw a increase in energy the first few days and then wore off. Too expensive
Valéria C. - 2021-10-14
I felt super sleepy after taking this supplement. I will return it. It didn’t work for me!
Janette A. - 2021-10-10
Not a whole lot of difference but took 4 pills. 7 pills is hard to take.