Mindsets - Dr. Michael Gervais - Psychology

Mindsets - Dr. Michael Gervais - Psychology

Overcoming The Fear of People's Opinions

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Michael Gervais, one of the world's top high-performance psychologists and leading experts on the relationship between the mind and human performance. Today we discuss overcoming what may be the single greatest constrictor of human potential: our fear of people’s opinions (FOPO).

The key to leading a high-performance life is to redirect our attention from the world outside us to the world inside us and to learn the art of not outsourcing our well-being, happiness, or identity to other people. Why? When we conform to the opinions or judgments of others (FOPO), we limit our potential. We play it safe, driven by the fear of potential criticism. When faced with a challenge, we readily give up our perspective. In a nutshell: The desire to be accepted and the fear of being disliked undermine our ability to pursue the lives we want to create.

Dr. Gervais shares with us leading-edge science and insights from the frontier of human performance to do just that-the same skills he's taught to the top performers in the world, including sports MVPs, world-renowned artists and musicians, and Fortune 100 leaders and teams. The result? Optimized human potential and a life lived on our terms, not the opinions of other people. We explore in detail:

  • What exactly is FOPO and why does it matter?
  • Is worrying about people’s opinions something only those with low self esteem battle?
  • The difference between purpose-driven and performance driven identities.
  • Actionable tips we can start to use right now to become aware of and address FOPO in our everyday lives.

You’re in for a treat. This episode is a perfect blend of neuroscience and psychology to help us step into the arena of our lives with confidence and purpose. Listen in now. 

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