Ketones - Dr. Latt Mansor - Metabolic Health

Ketones - Dr. Latt Mansor - Metabolic Health

Using Keytones for Longevity

Today we are talking all about the critical role ketones play in our metabolic health and longevity with Dr. Latt Mansor, pioneer in performance nutrition and metabolic health and Research Lead at Ketone-IQ. Whether you’re new to understanding ketones or are a ketone aficionado, this episode is for you. We start with an overview of what ketones are, and then go deeper, distinguishing between endogenous and exogenous ketones.

We can’t wrap up an episode without exploring how the brain is involved. Latt will explain the captivating relationship between ketones and the brain. Discover how ketones serve as a preferred energy source for this vital organ, and hear emerging research suggesting their potential benefits in various neurodegenerative conditions. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The difference between endogenous and exogenous ketones
  • Why high insulin levels may interfere with ketone production
  • How the body generates ketones and induces ketosis
  • How utilizing a more fuel-efficient substrate makes us less hungry
  • How exercise affects the metabolism of exogenous ketones
  • Using ketones for improved workouts and endurance 
  • More about the brain/ketones connection
  • Emerging research suggesting the role of ketones in various neurological conditions
Exogenous ketones can improve brain network stability, leading to increased clarity, focus, and mental energy. - Dr. Latt Mansor

Get ready to level-up your understanding of how to leverage ketones for greater metabolic health, athletic performance, and cognitive health. Listen now. 

Curious? To learn more read the article based on the conversation: Ketones: What They Are and How to Leverage Them For Greater Health and Longevity.

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