Gut Dysbiosis - Nafysa Parpia - Brain Health

Gut Dysbiosis - Nafysa Parpia - Brain Health

How Toxins Impact Brain Function

In this special encore episode, Qualia Co founder, Daniel Schmactenberger, has the privilege of hosting Dr. Nafysa Parpia, a renowned naturopathic integrative doctor specializing in the treatment of complex, chronic illnesses. Dr. Parpia's unique approach encompasses a wide range of factors, including biochemical imbalances, epigenetic expression, toxin exposure, microbial exposure, and emotional imbalances to create comprehensive treatment plans. We discuss:

  • How gut dysbiosis, toxicity, and underlying infection affect brain function and chronic illness
  • The relationship between an infection and a biotoxin
  • Why emotional triggers are often a catalyst for a sudden decline in health
  • Expert guidance on identifying underlying infections and dysbiosis
  • How environmental toxicity contributes to autoimmune conditions
  • Practical, DIY tips to combat gut dysbiosis and lingering infections
There is a neurological highway between the gut and the brain. - Nafysa Parpia, ND

Dr. Nafysa Parpia's expertise and passion for integrative medicine promise will leave you with valuable insights and actionable tips for taking  back your health and an awareness of how toxins are sabotaging your cognitive health. Listen in now.

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