Building A Better Human

Building A Better Human

This is the century that will define us as a species. 

We have more knowledge and opportunity than ever before. Science is flourishing at an extraordinary rate. We’re discovering how to end disease. We’re on the verge of boundless renewable energy. We’re answering the world’s problems, one at a time.

And yet, humanity is also on the verge of destruction. Nature is buckling under the pressure we put on it. Millions of people don’t have their basic needs met. For many, war and discord is still a reality of daily life. 

Even with our staggering growth in technology and science, there’s a good chance we won’t make it to the year 2100. Change isn’t happening fast enough. The fate of humanity can no longer be left to politics or policy. Growth needs to start on a personal scale. We need, at a fundamental level, to become better humans.

How to build a better person

To become a better species, we need to be faster, stronger, and more resilient. But that alone isn’t enough. We also need more compassion, creativity, trust, and selflessness. We need to pair knowledge with understanding; sharper thought with deeper feeling; power with humility. 

At Qualia, we’ve made it our mission to upgrade the essentials of humanity - intelligence, biology, empathy, and creativity. We’re building a framework to upgrade human development, using tools we have now: 

  • Nootropics. Compounds that maximize brain capacity to make you sharper, faster, and more intelligent. Learn more about nootropics.

  • Mental training. Neurofeedback, effective psychotherapy, and cutting-edge technology to rewire your brain for happiness and resilience. Check out our expandable infographic on the Technologies of Neurohacking.

  • Internal reflection. Meditative practices to build empathy and mental wellbeing, and to increase self-awareness in the context of a larger world.  For more on internal reflection check out our podcast, Meditation as a Technology of Consciousness with Dustin DiPerna.

  • Nutrition, exercise, and sleep hacking. Daily habits to upgrade your biology and support healthy aging. Discover our recommended, 8 Tips for a Great Night's Sleep.

  • Philosophy. Interviews with the greatest minds in the world on everything from neuroscience to spirituality, to expand the edges of what’s possible.  One way to deepen your knowledge is through our Collective Insights Podcast. The Collective Insights Podcast is a voyage through the topics and technologies revolutionizing our individual and collective wellbeing.

  • Flow states. Techniques to tap into enhanced creativity and effortless productivity. Qualia friend and bestselling author, Jamie Wheal discusses flow states, non-ordinate states and why they matter. For more also explore our post on How Music, Art & Neurotech Create Altered States of Consciousness.

  • Social engineering. Being mindful of the company you keep, and spreading influence throughout social networks to make large-scale change.

We believe building a better humanity starts at the personal level. We want to make increased potential accessible to everyone, everywhere, starting now. Our Foundational Guide To Neurohacking has practical techniques and practices to become a faster, stronger, more compassionate human. It’s free. 

If we’re going to make it to the year 2100, we need to reimagine society and how we relate to one another. We need to invest in humanity. We can no longer rely on others for change. At a fundamental level, we need to build better people, from the ground up. 

Your potential is limitless. Start upgrading today

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