Biology - Dr. Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics

Biology - Dr. Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics

The Biology of Belief: How to Use Your Thoughts to Influence Gene Expression

For far too long, many people have thought that their destiny was controlled by their genes. With advances made in epigenetics, we now know that isn’t the case. 

In this special encore release, Dr. Bruce Lipton joins Daniel Schmachtenberger to talk about epigenetics and how the environment can affect genetic behavior. Dr. Lipton also discusses how even the perception of an environment can have an impact along with a positive mindset.

As Dr. Lipton explains epigenetics; he lays the groundwork for why the traditional view of genetic and biological determinism is incorrect. The discussion expands to include a look at how our view of evolution changes thanks to these advances and what we need to do to reach that next step in societal evolution. The conversation also includes peering into:

  • Perception at a cellular level
  • The changing face of evolution, thanks to epigenetics
  • The role of the conscious and unconscious mind in genetic behavior
  • Collaboration vs. competition in evolution
By changing our environment and perception, we can shift from being victims of our heredity to being masters of our own lives. - Dr. Bruce Lipton

Buckle up, and get ready to hear Dr. Lipton challenge the notion of genetic determinism while explaining how epigenetics reveals a new understanding of human potential.

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