Qualia Synbiotic Pilot Study

Qualia Synbiotic Pilot Study

Just prior to the launch of Qualia Synbiotic, we decided to do a second study to investigate the new formula’s impact on the gut-brain axis. In the first study (Qualia Synbiotic Beta Study), we focused on gut performance. In this second pilot study, we assessed gut performance once again, and also looked into how emotional well-being and stress—the brain end of the gut-brain axis—changed after taking Qualia Synbiotic.


Participants were instructed to take one serving of Qualia Synbiotic daily for three weeks. Participants were to drink one scoop (~ten grams) of Qualia Synbiotic, mixed into 8-10 ounces of water or another beverage of choice, once daily with or without food, at whatever time of the day was convenient. 

Prior to beginning the study, and after taking Qualia Synbiotic, participants completed a digestive system questionnaire and an emotional well-being questionnaire that asked questions specific to digestive system function and emotional well-being. 

The digestive system questionnaire asked questions related to bowel habits, consistency of stools, feelings of discomfort, gas, bloating, etc. Higher scores indicate poorer digestive system performance (i.e., more complaints). A decrease in scores suggests Qualia Synbiotic supports the relief of mild or occasional digestive complaints.*

An emotional well-being questionnaire—DASS-21—was used to assess mood and stress, because these can be impacted by the gut-brain axis. Higher scores indicate emotional well-being is poorer (i.e., stress is higher or there are more occasional mood issues). A decrease in scores suggests that Qualia Synbiotic supports the emotional well-being aspect of the gut-brain axis.*


Qualia Synbiotic Supported Healthy Digestive Performance After 3 Weeks†*

Forty-seven healthy adults completed the digestive performance questionnaire at baseline and after three weeks. Digestive complaints decreased (i.e., improved) by an average of 64% (p<0.001) after supplementing the diet once a day with Qualia Synbiotic.†*

Digestion is divided into upper and lower digestive systems. The upper digestive system includes the stomach (and parts of the small intestine). The lower digestive system is the large intestine. Results suggest that Qualia Synbiotic supports both systems. Upper digestive system complaints decreased by an average of 70% (p<0.001), while lower digestive complaints decreased by 57% (p<0.001).†*   

There are five major areas of occasional digestive system complaints—abdominal discomfort, hard stools, indigestion (gas, bloating, etc.), loose stools, and upper GI discomfort. The results suggest that Qualia Synbiotic supported relief from complaints in all five areas. Challenges related to abdominal discomfort decreased by 74% (p<0.001), hard stools by 61% (p<0.001), indigestion by 63% (p<0.001), loose stools by 54% (p<0.001), and upper GI discomfort by 63% (p<0.001).†*

Qualia Synbiotic Promoted Emotional Well-Being and Stress After 3 Weeks†*

Forty-four healthy adults completed the DASS-21 questionnaire at baseline and after three weeks. DASS-21 scores decreased (i.e., improved) by an average of 61% (p<0.001). This suggests there were significant improvements in overall emotional well-being after three weeks of supplementing the diet once a day with Qualia Synbiotic.†*

Seven of the 21 questions in the DASS-21 are used to create a stress score. The average stress score decreased by 58% after three weeks of supplementing the diet once a day with Qualia Synbiotic.†* 

The DASS-21 categorizes an individual’s stress score as indicating “Normal,” “Mild,” “Moderate,” “Severe,” or “Extremely Severe” stress. At the start of the study, only 43% of the participants had an amount of stress the DASS-21 questionnaire considered normal, with the remainder categorized as mild (21%), moderate (18%), and severe (18%). After three weeks of Qualia Synbiotic, 93% of the participants had a normal level of stress.†*   

†Disclaimer: Although these results are highly encouraging, the study was not placebo-controlled and contained a small number of participants. Larger, controlled studies will be required to confirm the findings.

Qualia Synbiotic was Highly Rated††*

After completing the study, participants were sent a follow-up survey and asked to rate their experience of taking Qualia Senolytic. Answer choices were Excellent, Good, No Effect, Not Good, and Awful. Almost 9 out of 10 (87%) participants rated Qualia Synbiotic as Good or Excellent.†† 

††Disclaimer: The survey contained a small number of participants who received the product for free.

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